Accumulate kGOLD and Stack Cheese!

Welcome to Pyro's Kingdom!

For Farmers!

If you are lucky enough to own a Cheese Cow or two, you can start farming Cow Milk below. Each cow produces 6 cMilk after 24 hours. Claiming cMILK starts a new 24 hour waiting period before you can claim again.


You can only farm two Cheese Cows at a time. Having more than 2 cows in your wallet may cause issues with staking.

Once your cow(s) have produced cMILK, you must claim it within 12 hours or it spoils. If after 36 hours from when you started farming you have not claimed your cMILK, you will need to "start farming" again to reset your timer.

Milk Jug
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Cows in Your Wallet: 0

Cows Producing cMILK: 0

Time until claimable: 0

Time until spoiled: 0

For Thieves!

You can set all of your cats on their thieving way by clicking "Start Stealing" below. Once a cat starts stealing, it will always be stealing even if transferred to a new wallet. When a cat successfully steals cMILK from a farmer, the cMILK is sent directly to the owner of the cat.

Rat-Catching Cat
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Cats Actively Stealing: 0

For Fromagers!

At the heart of the Cheese Factory is where the magic happens. Turn your cMILK into one of three fine cheeses. These cheese NFTs will play an important role in the next phase of the game.

Burrata Cheese

Burrata Cheese

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Currently Fromaging: 0

Time until claimable: 0

How many would you like to Fromage?

Dolcelatte Cheese

Dolcelatte Cheese

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Time until claimable: 0

How many would you like to Fromage?

Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan Cheese

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Time until claimable: 0

How many would you like to Fromage?

For Pyros!

If you share King Pyro's love of flame, then burn your cMILK or cheese to be rewarded in King's Gold (kGOLD). This gold can then be burned as well to level up your Cheesy Skills.

Orange png from

The Burn Pit

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cMILK - Burn 6 for 0.5 kGOLD

You have 0 cMILK

Burrata - Burn 1 for 1 kGOLD

You have 0 Burrata

Burn Burrata tokenID:

Dolcelatte - Burn 1 for 3 kGOLD

You have 0 Dolcelatte

Burn Dolcelatte tokenID:

Parmesan - Burn 1 for 10 kGOLD

You have 0 Parmesan

Burn Parmesan tokenID:

Burn kGOLD to Increase Levels

You have 0 kGOLD!

Your Farmer Level: 0

Your Burrata Level: 0

Your Dolcelatte Level: 0

Your Parmesan Level: 0

Check Cat tokenID:

Your Cat Level: 0

Fromagerie FAQ

What is the purpose of this project?

This project was started after the infamous NFT project BattleBoobas rugged. I wanted to work on my solidity skills, and decided to utilize the now worthless remnants of the "BoobaVerse". I created which allowed people to deposit $MILK and NFTs in exchange for new, less offensive NFTs and the promise of a future airdropped token (if I got around to it).

As more people deposited their unwanted $MILK and NFTs, I decided it was a good opportunity to further my learning and reinforce some of the skills I had learned. This phase two of the Cheesyverse has ERC20 and ERC721 minting, staking, and burning mechanisms. People who participate in this phase will accumulate the required tokens for the next phase, should I get around to building it.

How do I get Cheese Cows?

Cheese Cows can only be obtained by burning BattleBooba or BattleBooty NFTs. You can do this at

How do I get Rat-Catching Cats?

Rat-Catching Cats can only be obtained by burning BattlePussy NFTs. You can do this at

Will this make me rich/recover my losses from BattleBoobas?

This is very unlikely. I know some of you lost a lot. As stated above, this project is mostly for fun. I truly hope that it becomes more than that and that you can recover some losses, but you shouldn't expect that.

What is this nonsense??

Read the docs.

Can I help?

Maybe? What are you good at? Hit me up on Discord or Twitter @xrpant.